website design development cedar rapids iowaWhen work is being done on your website, it’s important to keep in mind how online customers use the internet. Some design firms get to focused on the latest tech innovations and lose sight of what potential customers expect and what their needs are. From iPads and smartphones to laptops and oversized video display units, today, you need to deliver to customers on all platforms. The site should remain easy to navigate and allow the customers to find the information they want.

If you have a website, the use of analytic programs would be a lot of value to you. This allows you to track visitors on your website, and often this software also has an additional feature to browser information. This valuable information you get back gives you insight into what internet browsers and operating structures your clients use and what they see on their monitors or screens. This analytics information is vital when making decisions on what to upgrade on your website so you deliver content in a proper fashion regardless of the device being used to view you website.

Make Your Website Mobile Friendly

With respect to website design and development, if you haven’t ever done it, take a look at your website on your smartphone and see how it looks on a mobile web browser. Is the information where you want it or do you have to move the screen around to find it? With over 60% of internet searches now being done on a wide range of mobile devices, it is critical that your website display properly to visitors on these devices.

You should keep in mind that a website with lots of graphics and photos takes a long time to download, and flash animation doesn’t work on most devices. You need to discuss this with your website developer to make sure your website is responsive in design so the growing number of mobile users who visit your website can view it properly.

Consider Typography and Print Style

In the past, most websites were designed to work well on desktop or laptop screens. This also included the ability to print out relevant parts of the website. With the huge growth in mobile internet and the fact so many users are on mobile devices browsing websites the fact that there are no a wide range of platforms and many of these mobile users may find they have no way to print pages or articles. This can be a big mistake for some websites if it isn’t addressed. Business like magazines, restaurants displaying menus, educational and informative sites with basic information about you or your products and services should all offer some ability to print this content.

Is Your Website Easy to Use?

In today’s realm of online business, sales are more about showing clients that you understand their needs. The best way to show that is to give them and solid, fast, clean user experience with a website that displays properly and offers easy navigation.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Paul Albee is the digital marketing director of ATS Design Group in Syracuse, New York. Paul and his team specialize in all aspects of online digital marketing including website design, SEO search engine optimization, e-Commerce website design and development as well as print and advertising design. Paul grew up in Cedar Rapids, attended Washington High School and is Mike Albee’s brother, serving clients across the Cedar Rapids and Eastern Iowa area, as well as small businesses nationwide.