macbook pro repair

Apple announced yesterday that they were updating their MacBook line. Not to be mistaken for the ever-so-popular MacBook Pro, the MacBook is the slimmer, sleeker version of the Pro. Or is it?

The update to the MacBook amped up the processing speed and added battery life, but is that really necessary? With only one charging/peripheral/end-all port and a standard of 8GB of RAM, the MacBook might be great for your everyday use, but do anything slightly more than type emails, and you might as well forget the MacBook as an option. Actually, if you have a flash drive, want to charge your phone/iPad or do anything other than just charge the MacBook, forget it.

Mashable took to the update and explained it pretty well.

[T]here are some key missing and inferior features Apple failed to correct. The company squandered an entire year with a minor hardware component update and the addition of a new rose gold color (which is hideous in my opinion, and something I’d expect from HP, not Apple).

The most upsetting news is the new MacBook still has a single USB-C port. For the love of Steve Jobs, why isn’t there another port? The original MacBook Air was beautifully constructed, but only had one USB port. Apple remedied that two years later with by adding a second USB port and an SD card slot.

You can read Mashable’s whole article here. All in all, we agree with their take on the MacBook. Sure it’s cool to have a super-thin computer, but if you lose computing power and ease-of-access (namely with one port for everything), it’s probably not even worth it with a price tag of $1,300.

Wondering what we would suggest for your next computer? There are a number of considerations to take into account, including price and performance, ease of use, compatibility with your existing office network and software, computer security and when the time comes, computer repair and availability of parts. Not all computers are created equal, even with the same basic specs.  Give us a call and we can help you sort out which computer best fits your needs and budget!