Meet Logan and The rest of the Magnificent Dozen:

When you visit The Worlds Largest Traveling Horse Wheel and Stable Display you can get your photo taken with "Logan".  Logan is one of the Largest Dapple Gray Percheron Draft Horses on Earth.

Born in May of 2002, Logan stands 19.2 hands high and he weighs well over one ton.

Logan looks forward to the opportunity of talking a photo with you and promises to make a very LARGE positive impression on you! (No, not on your foot)!

The Percheron breed derives its name from the place it originated. Le Perche is located some 50 miles southwest of Paris, France. The 53 by 66 miles area borders Normandy on the Northeast and the Beauce Country, known as the granary of France, on the East.

It is a gently rolling, well-watered and fertile place with a mild climate. It is well suited to the raising of livestock. It's location, climate and habitat made it ideally situated to capitalize on trade opportunities as they arose following the middle ages and well into the modern era.

While visiting this great attraction, you can learn much more about the very interesting history and heritage of the Percheron Draft Horse Breed.

The Worlds Largest Traveling Horse Wheel and Stable Display has many interactive and "hands on" exhibits and fun facts throughout the stable display area. Visitors of all ages will greatly enjoy themselves and learn some fun things at the same time!!!

For instance: You'll learn just how many miles an average team of Draft Horses walked or pulled equipment just to farm a 40 acre field years ago .... and how little time it takes to farm that same 40 acres today!!!

While you're visiting the Stable Display, you can also get "hands on" with one of our draft Horse Shoes while gaining an even greater appreciation for the massive size of a Percheron. You will also learn why Draft Horses wear shoes too .....

The Worlds Largest Traveling Horse Wheel and Stable Display's "Wildest Team" Visitors come to realize the massive size and strength of a team of Percheron Draft Horses through their collars.

This "hands on" exhibit not only shows off the massive neck and shoulder size of a team of Percheron Draft Horses, but also creates a great FREE photo opportunity for all visitors.

Then take a ride on one of the World's largest breeds of Horse....
The Percheron Draft Horse.

The Worlds Largest Traveling Horse Wheel provides the opportunity for Mom and Dad, Grandma and Grandpa, Parent and Child and any and all ride enthusiasts to take a ride together safely and comfortably on the same Gentle Giant Draft Horse in our custom built double seated leather draft horse saddles.

This is great fun for all ages and literally takes riding to a new level!!!

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