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A Vital Link Between Search Engine Optimization and Content

Why is gathering website content such an important step? Well, let’s say you have your new website all designed and built but you aren’t sure what the next step would be. The answer is “gathering website content”.

When it comes to Search Engine Optimization (Search Visibility), there are a few things to keep well in mind. Let’s look at this step and how it is compared to building a new house. When you build a house you first approve the design, then a contractor builds it based on the blueprints. While the contractor is building out your new home you would begin to start packing up your belonging to be moved into the house when completed or you begin to buy new items. When the contractor is done you can move your stuff into the appropriate rooms.

During your initial website design and construction, you would begin to gather vital content that you would use to populate the pages within your website. Whether that content comes from your current website or you create new content, think of it as the “moving in” process. The content you gather and place in your website is critical to the success of your website and the search engines that will crawl them.

Effective Search Engine Optimization

The most important key to driving viewers to your website is not to have a pretty looking website but to include keywords that will target your audience. Let’s say you’re a local sandwich shop in Syracuse, but you also get customers that come from Oneida County and the surrounding areas. Having a website for your shop is nice, but if there aren’t any targeted keywords for the search engines to pick up on, how will your customers ever find you.

To get better search engine results use keywords and phrases that target your location like ‘Oneida County Sandwich Shop’ for example. Localizing your audience to a city, county or state will help make sure that your website ranks higher in the results generated from a search.