Iowa Ford Thunderbird Super Coupe's & Parts For Sale
If you Live in Iowa or in a bordering state, and you have a Ford Thunderbird Super Coupe
or Super Coupe Pars For Sale ... you can place your ad here! Contact Us Today!!!

1995 Ford Thunderbird Super Coupe - 99,000 miles
3.8 supercharged engine, Power everything leather interior. Alpine sterieo moon roof
Ph. 661-478-7844

1989 Thunderbird Super Coupe (of course) 76,000 miles Automatic
Ph. 303-438-6374

1990 Thunderbird Super Coupe with new paint, motor, and all new sensors, belts ext... it currently is not running do to an electrical malf. the engine harness looks as though its been hacked into at one point in time. The car just wont stay in time it turns over and tries to fire but just pops and studders. I had the car running last year with all the new
parts in it and it ran and drove. It has several mods done to it. I need to get rid of it bad and its a really nice car it just needs someone who wants to spend some time with the wiring. 
Ph. 515-669-2781 if you have any questions

Thunderbird Super Coupe Parts For Sale

1992-5 Ford Thunderbird Used Ford trunk lid.

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