With the widespread use online payment options and the vulnerability of personal information online, digital security has become something on everyone’s mind.  For businesses operating e-ecommerce website that use secure server functionality when accepting payments, this can be especially worrysome.  Many digital merchant solutions rely on a technology called OpenSSL to protect user information while the transaction process is being complete.  Enter the OpenSSL Heartbleed vulnerability which has introduced a level of risk and vulnerability that organizations need to review and monitor.

While this is a fairly old vulnerability and virtually all hosting providers addressed the issue quickly, other risks and vulnerabilities continue to appear. Vigilance is key.  Never assume your merchant data is secure.  Make sure on a regular basis.

You may be asking, “Am I vulnerable?” and “What should I do?”

There is a good article on the Heartbleed Vulnerability and other good digital security reading over at Trend Micro, a market leader in computer security.  We encourage you to take a look at their information and get help from a qualified computer service professional if you have any questions.