How To Solve The Biggest Problems With a New Web Design

website design makeover cedar rapids syracuseMore often than we would like, clients come to us to develop a website for them but they only give us limited direction and guidance. A lot of small businesses have an issue when it comes to marketing. Many if not most can be solved with the help of a new or redesigned website. Below we have listed five suggestions on how to go about solving problems and how we can fix them.

Problem: Many customers confuse you with your competitors.
Solution: Your website design can make or break a potential customer’s overall opinion of your business. You companies first impression is crucial and on the web that extends to your website. Most often a template website won’t give you the look your company deserves. By giving your website a professional and custom look, your company can be better represented.

Problem: Editing the content on your website can’t be done without help from your web designer.
Solution: Website used to be hard-coded and that meant they were not very user-friendly. But today things have greatly changed and now many websites are designed with content management systems. WordPress is hands down the most popular website design and development system. WordPress web design and development accounts for over 23% of all websites worldwide. It allows anyone to upload images, add content and structure their website based on their preference.

Problem: Your website isn’t being found on Google.
Solution: A website that is old are is static in design were often flash-based. Today, these static websites are not easy to edit and Flash isn’t supported but most browsers and they are not indexed by Google. The websites we build are custom-built using the latest in WordPress CMS technology. They provide excellent SEO Search Engine Optimization capabilities to target your customers and are better suited to help your website come up in search results as well as best-in-class ecommerce solutions.

Problem: Only a small percentage of your Facebook followers see your posts.
Solution: Reaching only an eighth of your audience is not something you should settle for. You need to be reaching all of your clients and customers by building new pages and banners that help to promote your company and your new products, sales or specials. A new website design can help you to place the marketing front and center so everyone will see it.

Problems: Customers don’t have an easy way to get in touch with you.
Solutions: Your website is a digital business card and your phone number, email, and social media sites should be easy to find so your customers can get in touch with you.
You can also build out a contact form to obtain the information that you need in order to help them and keep them a happy customer.