Google reports that people are searching more on their smartphones than ever before.  In fact, according to an official Google blog post earlier this month, mobile (smartphone) search has now outpaced desktop search for the first time in history in 10 countries, including the United States and Japan.

Now Google says that individuals are also searching with “location qualifiers” such as “near me” or “nearby, and that these types of searches have doubled in the last year.  (Google Trends, March 2015).

Furthermore, 80% of these searches are done from a mobile device, most often a smartphone.

The lesson for Cedar Rapids small businesses is to make your website your top priority since it is the first thing people look at and it is what determines whether they feel like they want to do business with you.  The bottom line is that you must have a mobile-friendly, responsive website design that looks good and provides a comfortable user experience on a smartphone screen.

Smartphones are the place most consumers start their journey to purchase, and the last place at the bottom of the sales funnel where they “tap to call” to make that crucial initial appointment or inquiry.